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Vic Fangio Shares A Quote To Fire Up All Dolphins Fans

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The Miami Dolphins made a big addition to their coaching staff this offseason.

They needed a new defensive coordinator and went out and got Vic Fangio.

Fangio is one of the older coaches in the NFL (64 years old).

He has plenty of experience leading elite defenses and will be tasked with the same job in Miami.

Most recently Fangio was the head coach in Denver where he had a 19-30 record in three seasons.

The Dolphins have their work cut out for them in 2023.

Playing in the AFC East will not be an easy task.

Especially if the Jets add Derek Carr or another veteran quarterback.

But Fangio is aware of the situation he is getting into and his defense will play a key role in their success.

“I think the NFL is a better league when the Dolphins are contending.” – Vic Fangio #FinsUp

— Bobby Shouse (@B_Shousejr) February 17, 2023

The last time Fangio had a top-five defense was in 2018 with the Chicago Bears.

His success that year led to him getting the Broncos’ head coaching job.

The number one factor in the Dolphins’ success this year will be their health.

Last season they lost countless players to injury, which was a reason for their inconsistencies.

Having quarterback Tua Tagovailoa back on the field should result in more wins.

This Fangio-led defense should look different than the ones in the past.

He said in an interview that he has a few new coverages he is looking to mix in.

Vic Fangio with a year off to prepare even more wrinkles in his Defense is a scary thought.

“I already come up with a new coverage or two that I’m anxious to try out” -Vic Fangio #FinsUp

— Bobby Shouse (@B_Shousejr) February 17, 2023

Having to play in a division with Josh Allen, and a conference with Patrick Mahomes is a tough task.

But, throwing as many foreign looks at them as possible is a good plan.

The 2023 season will certainly be one worth watching in Miami.

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