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The Rock Comments On AJ McCarron’s XFL Decision

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Dwyane ‘The Rock’ Johnson is trying to keep football fans entertained while there’s no NFL action.

He brought the XFL back in a third attempt to find success, and the early returns have been encouraging thus far.

A lot of that has had to do with some close games and late-game winning drives, so he should be thankful for AJ McCarron.

McCarron has led the St. Louis Battlehawks to back-to-back road wins with little-to-no time left, making an early case for MVP.

But more than that, The Rock praised McCarron for his decision to take less money from an XFL team so his kids could see him play instead of taking a bigger paycheck to be an NFL backup, citing that he’s now created some nice memories for his children.

Takes less money signing with us over the @NFL because he wanted his little boys to see him play. Now he’s 2-0 and led his team to back to back exciting last minute wins. I’d say he’s creating some memories for his boys. AJ’s decision means a helluva lot to me, personally. #XFL

— Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) February 24, 2023

The Alabama product has raved about how much it means to him to have his kids in attendance watching him do his thing, something that would’ve been impossible if he had stayed in the National Football League.

Following a remarkable college career as a two-time national champion, the Cincinnati Bengals took McCarron in the fifth round of the NFL Draft.

However, he served mostly as a backup to Andy Dalton and also suffered multiple injuries that prevented him from reaching his ceiling.

Now, McCarron has become the latest feel-good story in the football industry, even if he’s not playing at the most competitive level.

The Rock sure knows one thing or two about not making it in the NFL, so no wonder why he finds his story so inspirational.

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