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The Bears Made A Big Announcement On Wednesday

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The 2023 offseason has fans watching the news each day about what the Chicago Bears are doing.

Their possession of the number one pick in the 2023 NFL Draft has made them a popular team.

However, the news that broke on Wednesday had nothing to do about their top pick in the draft.

The big announcement the Bears made on Wednesday was how the team completed their deal for the Arlington Park property.

The Chicago Bears announced Wednesday the organization has closed on its $197.2 million purchase of the shuttered 326-acre Arlington Park property – a milestone in the charter NFL franchise’s long-sought city-to-suburbs relocation.

— Bears Insider (@bears_insider) February 16, 2023

While the purchase signals an end to the Bears staying in Chicago, the city isn’t going down without a fight.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot is still thinking of ways to keep the Bears in Soldier Field.

While her office has given the team several proposals to renovate their current home, it looks like the move to a new stadium is approaching.

However, the move won’t come without challenges.

While the team is looking for a property tax break for their new home, local school districts are not happy about the move.

With them willing to push back on any tax breaks, it could sully the deal they just made for Arlington Park.

However, the team has the Mayor of Arlington Heights, Tom Hayes, seeing good things for their move to Arlington Park.

With him calling the closing a “major milestone” in a report by Christopher Placek, it appears he wants the Bears to make this move.

While everyone knows there will be resistance to this move, the franchise is taking the steps to push forward with their move.

However, until all the paperwork and details are completed, the Bears are staying in Soldier Field.

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