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Former NFL QB Thanks Fans For Support After Wild Night

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)


Former Washington Redskins [Commanders] star Robert Griffin III just had one of the toughest nights ever.

The Heisman Trophy winner took to social media to ask for help in finding his dog Benny, who had been missing for around five hours.

Griffin III reached out to his more than 2 million followers to explain that Benny had gotten out to the back yard and was most likely lost in the Clermont, Florida area, adding that he could be anywhere in Orlando by then.

The former QB also joked that the dog was so friendly that he wouldn’t even know if someone kidnapped him as long as he had some treats.

Fortunately for him, thousands of his followers gave him multiple pieces of advice on how to find the dog, as well as thoughts, prayers, love, and support.

Then, several hours later, RGIII shared the best possible update from his house’s sauna, letting everybody know that Benny was safe and sound and back with his family.

Griffin told the story of how he was driving around the neighborhood when he spotted a ‘kidnapper van’ speeding up by his side, with the driver trying to draw his attention.

What a WILD night but THANK GOD and YOU GUYS for helping us find our Dog Benny.

— Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) February 16, 2023

The driver later asked him if he was missing his dog, and then asked him to follow him to the house where Benny was.

Fortunately, the people who took the dog in where actually trying to find his family as well, so this wild story had a happy ending, with Griffin thanking his millions of followers for all the help and words of support.

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