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Seahawks President Makes Big Announcement For Upcoming Season

(Photo by Jason Hanna/Getty Images)


Most insiders predicted the Seattle Seahawks to finish at the bottom of the stacked NFC West division.

The West was supposed to be a bit of a bloodbath, with reigning Super Bowl champions Los Angeles Rams going toe-to-toe with the San Francisco 49ers and even Arizona Cardinals for the top of the division.

Instead, the Seahawks wound up shocking the world by clinching a playoff berth, even finding more success than Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos.

Now, the team has even more great news to share with the fans, as team president Chuck Arnold just confirmed that their beautiful throwback uniforms would return for the 2023 season.

Speaking on KJR radio recently, the president shared his excitement about this news, stating that the team will use their retro royal jersey and silver helmet and pants again, something they stopped doing in 2001 because of the league’s one-helmet policy:

“Yes, it’s happening,” Arnold said. “We’re excited, I think we’re just as excited as the fans are for the throwbacks. The game won’t be decided until the schedule comes out in early May, but we’ll get a chance. We’re not sure yet if it’ll be one time or two times, but we’re going to have a lot of fun with it as we launch it.”


— Sami Jarjour (@SamiOnTap) February 17, 2023

The Seahawks have plenty of things to look forward to next season as well.

They’re likely going to add more offensive firepower via Draft thanks to that Russell Wilson trade, giving Geno Smith a bigger arsenal to wreak havoc downfield.

Smith had a shocking bounce-back year and brought his career back from the ground in 2022, making Pete Carroll look like a genius for trading Russell Wilson away.

Now, he’s eligible to either sign a new contract or play under the franchise tag for one season, and there’s no way the Seahawks will let him walk away again after such an impressive campaign.

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