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NFL Insider Names 1 Surprising Team Where Jimmy Garoppolo Could Land

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The NFL has continued to be a quarterback-centric league.

If a team doesn’t have a solidified starter at the position, it can be difficult to find long-term success.

Take the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs, for example.

By adding Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, respectively, these organizations were able to reach new heights, giving each fanbase hope for the future.

The Houston Texans find themselves in a situation where they are in desperate need of a quarterback, especially given Deshaun Watson’s departure.

While many have pointed to the Texans as a prime team to draft a quarterback, recent reporting has indicated an interesting wrinkle in this plan.

According to NFL insider Jonathan Jones, there’s a push within the building to sign quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and play him in 2023 while drafting a quarterback in the first round.

If the Raiders and Jets wind up happy at QB, perhaps Jimmy Garoppolo winds up in Houston

— Jonathan Jones (@jjones9) March 7, 2023

As Jones highlights, the Texans might use Garoppolo as a bridge quarterback, allowing a rookie to sit behind him, learning the offense, and what it’s like to be in the league.

The San Francisco 49ers have indicated that they are no longer in need of Garoppolo’s services.

He’ll likely be a prime candidate to join a new team, and the Texans have now emerged as a possible destination.

This strategy has worked in years past, evidenced by Mahomes sitting behind Alex Smith, and Aaron Rodgers sitting behind Brett Favre.

Both of those quarterbacks benefitted from taking a year to sit behind a veteran.

Will the Texans elect to do the same, provided they use their second overall draft pick on a quarterback?

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