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NFL Insider Gives Latest Combine Update For Bryce Young

(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)


Bryce Young has been a major topic of conversation during the NFL Combine, which will likely continue until the draft.

Young won the Heisman trophy award in 2021.

While he is still considered a top quarterback prospect in April’s draft, concerns have surfaced about his height and weight.

Ahead of combine weigh-ins, Jonathan Jones of CBS provided an update on Young’s weight.

Talking with folks in Indy there’s a belief QB Bryce Young will weigh in near — maybe not at, but near — 200 lbs.

— Jonathan Jones (@jjones9) March 2, 2023

When he played for the University of Alabama, Young weighed in closer to 190 pounds, and has been recently measured as just over 5-foot-10.

However, as Jones points out, many around Young at the combine believe he could weigh closer to 200 pounds.

Height and weight have often been a metric for success in the NFL.

When looking at starting quarterbacks in the NFL last season, the only one shorter than Young was Kyler Murray.

Murray has often been criticized for his height and weight, with many believing that he has difficulty seeing over offensive linemen.

Generally, playing at a bit heavier weight makes players more durable and able to handle the demands of a long season.

Take Josh Allen, for example.

While Allen is significantly taller than Young, he weighs nearly 40 pounds more than him.

This is essential when Allen takes off on the run, as he is closer in stature to the defensive players that tackle him.

Young’s weigh-in will likely continue to be one of the top stories of the combine.

Will his height and weight concerns cause Young to fall in the draft?

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