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NFL Analyst Makes An Important Note About Frank Reich

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Frank Reich has been named the head coach of the Carolina Panthers.

This comes on the heels of Reich being fired from his post on the Indianapolis Colts, an organization that was largely successful under him.

While the jury is still out on Reich’s impact on the Panthers, his track record has provided an interesting precedent.

Frank Reich’s starting QBs:

2022: Sam Ehlinger
2022: Matt Ryan
2021: Carson Wentz
2020: Philip Rivers
2019: Jacoby Brissett
2019: Bryan Hoyer
2018: Andrew Luck
2017: Nick Foles
2017: Carson Wentz

would love to see Carolina get him one solid prospect to work with for a few years

— Warren Sharp (@SharpFootball) February 23, 2023

If the season were to begin today, the Panthers’ starting quarterback would likely be Sam Darnold.

However, many have linked the Panthers to either drafting a quarterback in April or acquiring a veteran free agent.

Because of Reich’s track record, it appears that the organization will look to give him the best possible chance to succeed as their head coach.

With this in mind, 2023 could mark the first season that Reich has had a favorable quarterback situation since 2018.

In his tenure as the head coach of the Colts, the best quarterback was Andrew Luck, who happened to be in his last season before retirement.

Other than that, Reich has been left to deal with multiple different starting quarterbacks, including a new starter each season.

The Panthers could be a fresh start for Reich, especially if the team elects to draft a quarterback.

Recent reporting has suggested that there will be at least three quarterbacks taken in the first round of the upcoming draft, and there could be as many as five drafted.

There are several intriguing quarterbacks in this draft, one of which, could very well be the newest franchise player for the Panthers.

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