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James Jones Has A Message For JuJu Smith-Schuster After Social Media Post

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JuJu Smith-Schuster needed the Kansas City Chiefs way more than the Kansas City Chiefs needed JuJu Smith-Schuster.

His reputation around the league was far from good due to all those antics and dancing on social media, and he had failed to live up to the task he was given by the Pittsburgh Steelers once Antonio Brown was gone.

That’s why people took it so badly when Smith-Schuster acted up like a superstar shortly after the Super Bowl, making fun of James Bradberry for that late-game holding call.

Philadelphia Eagles’ A.J. Brown fired back at JuJu by reminding him that the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes saved his career, telling him to stop acting like he was an All-Pro kind of player.

Notably, former Super Bowl champion James Jones felt exactly the same way.

He torched JuJu for being so tasteless, especially after Bradberry had come up like a man to admit the refs had made the right call and that he had made a mistake.

Jones added that there’s no way a player of JuJu’s caliber should be doing all that trash-talking and even claimed that he would’ve been even harder on him than A.J. Brown was:

“For JuJu to come out and do this, I just think that’s a slap in the face, that’s disrespectful,” Jones said on FanDuel’s Up & Adams. “You didn’t have to do that, and I absolutely loved everything about A.J. Brown’s response. If it was me, I probably would’ve gone a little harder, but A.J. Brown still was professional about it.”

James Jones reacts to JuJu Smith-Schuster’s trolling of James Bradberry:

“I hated everything about it… That was a low blow by JuJu, that was cold.”

: @FanDuelTV | @heykayadams | @89JonesNTAF

— Up & Adams (@UpAndAdamsShow) February 15, 2023

Truth be told, this was quite lame and a vivid example of why JuJu Smith-Schuster has a bad reputation around the league in the first place.

There was no bad blood between Chiefs and Eagles, nor any reason to try and humiliate Bradberry after he stepped up and acknowledged his mistake.

This isn’t the kind of player someone will want to step up and defend in the future.

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