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Details Have Emerged On What Lamar Jackson Is Seeking For A Contract

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The Baltimore Ravens find themselves in a precarious position this offseason.

The number one thing on their mind should be what to do with quarterback Lamar Jackson.

He is currently not under contract and is set to become a free agent when the new league year begins.

Jackson is not the type of player the Ravens want to lose.

He was the NFL MVP in 2019 and has proven to be the best dual-threat quarterback in the NFL.

The only hesitation the Ravens should have with Jackson is that he gets hurt often.

Most running quarterbacks have a higher chance of injury because they are taking more hits.

Jackson has played 12 games each of the past two seasons.

But, when he is on the field he is electric.

Jackson is looking for a massive new contract, and he wants it to be loaded with guaranteed money.

He is reportedly seeking around the same $230 million dollar guaranteed contract that the Browns gave Deshaun Watson.

Lamar Jackson has sent counteroffers to the Ravens that “all exceeded the full guarantees” given to Deshaun Watson. @JFowlerESPN and @jamisonhensley take you inside the Jackson-Ravens standoff:

— ESPN (@espn) February 23, 2023

The Cleveland Browns reset the quarterback market with the deal they gave to Deshaun Watson.

So every quarterback that has accomplished more than Watson will want a larger deal as well.

It seems like the Ravens and Jackson are not close on guaranteed money.

Baltimore offered close to $100 million less in guarantees than what Jackson is looking for.

If both sides are unable to get a deal done, the Ravens could end up franchise-tagging Jackson.

But, like most players, he will not be happy on a one-year franchise tag.

These negotiations should continue to ramp up as we get closer to free agency, and the Ravens would be smart to lock Jackson up.

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