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A Former NFL QB Reportedly Tried To Come Out Of Retirement Last Season

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The NFL Combine is a great event for many reasons.

It is a time for NFL teams to further evaluate the prospects that they have been monitoring, both on and off the field.

This is also a time for networking between clubs, and for NFL analysts like Rich Eisen, they are able to come back from the combine with content for their respective programs.

Eisen had many topics to report back on, including one about a former quarterback’s status last season.

The San Francisco 49ers and Miami Dolphins both needed to start backup quarterbacks in the back half of the season, including the playoffs.

According to Eisen, “Philip Rivers contacted both of them to come back late last year.”

Rich is back from Indianapolis and boy did he hear some things — his Top 5 Rumors Heard at #NFLCombine:

5. Philip Rivers
4. #DaBears
3. Lamar
1. #NFL #NFLFreeAgency #NFLDraft

— Rich Eisen Show (@RichEisenShow) March 6, 2023

This was breaking news, as this hadn’t previously been reported.

Rivers retired after the 2020 season, spending the final year of his career with the Indianapolis Colts.

If he would have come back, this would have been the first time Rivers stepped on a football field in over two years.

While there’s no telling how efficient he would have been, the fact that he called these two organizations means that he was serious about returning.

With this news in mind, will a quarterback-needy team pick up the phone in the offseason, calling on Rivers to check his availability?

Rivers played in the NFL for 17 seasons and is currently 41 years old.

If there is a team out there that believes that Rivers could be a one or two-year solution for them, he could find himself on a roster, if the team is desperate enough.

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