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Video Shows Eli Manning Trying To Recreate Famous OBJ Catch

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)


The New York Giants want to keep Eli Manning a part of their organization.

He has been seen plenty around the NFL since his retirement.

First, he is on ManningCast for most Monday Night Football games.

Also, he was the coach of the NFC Pro Bowl team a few weeks ago.

Now, Manning can be seen on “The Eli Manning Show” on YouTube.

In the most recent episode, Manning and actor Michael B. Jordan tried to recreate the famous OBJ catch.



— New York Giants (@Giants) February 23, 2023

Even though it was not the miraculous one-handed catch that OBJ performed, it was still an impressive play by the actor.

We have seen Jordan in many different roles during his acting career.

The most notable being “Creed”, so Jordan has some athletic genes in him.

Manning is one of the most beloved Giants of all time.

He was the reason the Giants won two Super Bowls, and beat Tom Brady twice in the big game.

Amongst all of Manning’s throws in his career, the one to OBJ is one of his most famous.

That play is still talked about often, and when you mention Odell Beckham Jr. that catch comes to mind.

It will be interesting to see what other unique things Manning does on his show.

Plus, it would be something if Beckham Jr. ended up re-signing with the Giants this offseason.

New York had an interest in him last year, and they need some more receiving weapons.

Beckham back in New York would allow fans to reminisce more on that incredible catch.

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