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The NFL Reportedly Won’t Make 1 Controversial Penalty Reviewable

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For years, NFL fans have urged the league to make the roughing the passer calls reviewable.

Most of the calls look like a huge stretch, and it’s evident that the league has made it a point of emphasis to protect star quarterbacks on every single drop back.

So, now that the Competition Committee is on the verge of getting together for its annual review, there was some hope that this situation would change once and for all.

Nonetheless, that’s not going to be the case, according to NFL insider Warren Sharp.

the NFL Competition Committee met and is unlikely to vote to make roughing the passer penalties reviewable, per @judybattista

I imagine it was partially because they apparently “found only 3 questionable” calls all season, when I would guess there actually were over a dozen,…

— Warren Sharp (@SharpFootball) February 27, 2023

NFL Network’s Judy Battista pointed out that the committee looked at 80 roughing-the-passer calls and only found that three of them were questionable, so there’s no need to make any changes to that rule or even make it reviewable.

One team owner reportedly vouched for the calls to be reviewable, yet the rest of the league seems to be just fine with this.

Moreover, even if reviewable, one would need to have indisputable evidence that the ruling on the field was wrong, but most of those calls are purely subjective, so officials are unlikely to change their minds, not to mention they would even be more exposed than they are nowadays.

The league claims that they’re making efforts to keep their players safe.

But hey, if these calls are what it takes to keep Patrick Mahomes, Joe Burrow, or Josh Allen on the field for an extra couple of years, then so be it.

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