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The Bengals Failed In Several Important Off-Field Areas

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The Cincinnati Bengals may be one of the top teams in the NFL.

They have an elite quarterback in Joe Burrow and many good skill players.

But, one place the organization needs to improve is off of the football field.

In the first-ever NFLPA team report cards, the Bengals did not grade very well.

The NFLPA conducted a survey of team facilities and resources for players across the league. Cincinnati was 27th out of 32 teams.

Here is the report card, which features good marks for the training staff and strength staff and failing grades for facilities and food nutrition.

— Ben Baby (@Ben_Baby) March 1, 2023

The two spots that stand out the most are treatment of families and food service.

To have an “F” and “F-” in those categories is far from ideal.

The Bengals players are not happy with how their families are treated.

The NFLPA survey says that the Bengals do not offer the players’ families a family room or daycare.

Also, on gamedays, there is “nowhere safe and warm” for the families to go.

It will be interesting to see how the Bengals organization responds to this survey.

You would have to think they will make the necessary adjustments and provide more for the families.

Also, the food service with the Bengals received an F-.

The survey states that the Bengals do not provide dinner for their players.

Also, they do not provide vitamins or supplements.

The Bengals have not put their players in the most ideal off-field circumstances.

Even with plenty of issues inside the facilities, the Bengals have been very successful over the past two seasons.

It will be interesting to see if Cincinnati makes any changes after reading this survey.

Giving the best to their players is the least the organization can do.

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