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NFL Analyst Notes A Silly Debate Surrounding Bryce Young

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The NFL draft is always a fun time of the year as every team looks to improve its roster.

But, there are always crazy storylines that come out about certain players that do not seem to matter.

For instance, last draft season many people talked about the hand size of Kenny Pickett.

They talked about his hands were too small and he would have trouble gripping the ball.

That did not seem to be a problem for him in his rookie year.

This draft season there seems to be another question mark surrounding one of the top quarterbacks.

Alabama quarterback Bryce Young seems like the consensus top signal-caller in the class.

But, a few people are worried about his size and weight.

It seems like being 200 pounds, could make all the difference in whether you are a franchise quarterback or not.

If he weighs 201 he should be #1 pick.

199 or less I wouldn’t even consider him until 3rd round.

— Ross Tucker (@RossTuckerNFL) March 2, 2023

No matter what Young weighs in at, he should still be the first quarterback off the board.

He has the production in college, and plenty of tape to show that his size has not affected him thus far.

We have seen plenty of smaller quarterbacks have success in the NFL.

There were a bunch of analysts that criticized Kyler Murray for his size, but he was still drafted first overall.

Regardless if he is 199 pounds or 200, Young should still be a top-three pick.

There are even a few teams that might be interested in moving up to number one to get him.

With the Indianapolis Colts as the most intriguing.

People will say different things about Young’s size, but that ultimately will not affect his draft stock.

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