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Some NFL Fans Wish The League Would Adopt 1 XFL Rule

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This weekend, the third iteration of the XFL kicked off.

The XFL has eight total teams, consisting of former collegiate and NFL players.

This is an opportunity for these players to get exposure at the national level, showcasing their athletic prowess.

For some, this league is a chance to make it back to the NFL, showing teams that they belong on their roster.

For others, this league is nothing more than an entertainment factor, as evidenced by this weekend’s opening games.

There was one aspect of the XFL that had the internet buzzing this weekend.

I really do like the XFL onside kick alternative (must convert 4th & 15 to keep the ball) and the 1-, 2- & 3-point conversions. Wish the NFL & NCAA would adopt them.

— Creg Stephenson the First (@CregStephenson) February 19, 2023

In the XFL, teams have an opportunity to try for a one, two, or three-point conversion.

For a three-point conversion, teams start at the ten-yard line.

Similar to the two-point conversion that currently exists in the NFL, the team gets one play, either rushing or passing.

If they succeed, they are awarded with three points, meaning that a touchdown drive could result in nine total points.

NFL fans have clamored for this change, especially seeing how fun it looked during the XFL this weekend.

There is also an onside kick alternative in the XFL.

A team can elect, instead of kicking off, to attempt a “one and done” style of play.

They have an opportunity to go for it on fourth-and-15.

If they succeed, they can go on another drive, similar to if they succeeded on an onside kick.

However, if they fail, the other team receives the ball in prime field position.

Will the NFL consider adopting any of these rules?

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