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Shannon Sharpe Has A Message For Teams Not Interested In Lamar Jackson

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In a not-so-shocking turn of events, Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens failed to reach an agreement on a new contract.

The Ravens placed him under the non-exclusive franchise tag, meaning that he could now negotiate with any other team, with the Ravens holding the right to match any offer he gets.

However, should the Ravens decide not to match, then they’d get a couple of first-round picks in compensation for Jackson.

And even though it might seem like a steep price to pay for any player, the fact that several teams have already stepped up to affirm that they won’t be pursuing Jackson is surprising.

That’s even more shocking when you take a look at the list of teams that claimed they weren’t interested in Jackson, such as the Las Vegas Raiders, Washington Commanders, Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, and Miami Dolphins.

Notably, of all those teams, only the Dolphins have a potential franchise QB under contract, and some of them don’t even seem to have a suitable backup.

That’s why — as much as he understands that the Draft compensation could be an issue — Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe believes these franchises simply aren’t interested in winning right now.

“These teams that are all, ‘Oh, we’re not interested’ — I don’t know what they get out of this by saying they’re not interested. I just know —  through your history of the last three-to-four years — you weren’t interested in winning, either,” Sharpe said on Undisputed.

“These teams that are not ‘interested’ in Lamar Jackson are not interested in winning.”

— UNDISPUTED (@undisputed) March 8, 2023

Lamar Jackson is just 25 years old, and he won an MVP at 23.

He’s proven to be a star in the National Football League, and is perhaps the greatest scrambling QB to ever set foot on the face of the Earth.

If that guy isn’t worth two first-round picks, then it’s hard to say who is.

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