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Russell Wilson Reportedly Blamed 2 People For Failures In Seattle

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)


The Seattle Seahawks are fresh off a somewhat solid season.

Most people expected them to be bottom-feeders, yet Pete Carroll had another ace up his sleeve with Geno Smith.

The Seahawks wound up silencing the critics and reaching the playoffs without Russell Wilson, also adding some young pieces to their roster and a plethora of draft capital.

Wilson, on the other hand, won just five games despite having one of the best defensive units in the league and a promising set of wide receivers, and he had perhaps the worst season of his career.

Needless to say, that makes Carroll and GM John Schneider look much better in this alleged rift between them.

According to The Athletic, Wilson felt like those two were holding him back on his ‘quest’ to win another Super Bowl and individual awards, which is why he wanted them gone.

Russ talking about his quests to win individual awards and Super Bowls like he’s playing Legend of Zelda on his Game Boy

— Warren Sharp (@SharpFootball) February 24, 2023

Instead, the front office publically backed them and moved on from him when the Denver Broncos made that Godfather-like offer.

Of course, the Seahawks are nowhere near Super Bowl contention, and chances are that the Broncos will fare better with Wilson at the helm now that Sean Payton is on board.

But this season made it look like Wilson was a product of Carroll and not the other way around, as some people claimed.

Obviously, time will tell, but all signs point toward Wilson trying to get his coach and GM fired, which wouldn’t be new in this industry.

However, trying to deny a story that everyone seems to think it’s true is not a good look for him at all.

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