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Broncos Insider Backs Up The Recent Report Of Russell Wilson

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Russell Wilson’s rift with the Seattle Seahawks organization isn’t anything new.

We heard about it for years before they finally moved on from each other, especially when it came to the tension between him and Pete Carroll.

Wilson felt like Carroll didn’t involve him enough in the offense, both in planning and execution.

He didn’t have the freedom to call plays on the go, even despite being a Super Bowl champion and one of the best veteran quarterbacks in the league.

Wilson’s camp also tried to push for a trade multiple times before his final season in the league, and that’s not speculation.

That’s why it wasn’t much of a surprise to see that Wilson reportedly wanted the Seahawks to fire GM John Schneider and Pete Carroll, something that obviously didn’t happen.

And while Wilson tried to deny the story, Denver Broncos’ beat writer Benjamin Allbright confirmed The Athletic’s report, stating that he did try to get them fired after they failed to trade him twice.

Yes, after Seattle tried to trade him (twice), Russ asked ownership about the possibility of a new GM and coach.

Carroll and Schneider got their vindication last season. Russ has the coach he wants now, will he get his this year?

— Benjamin Allbright (@AllbrightNFL) February 24, 2023

Eventually, the front office took Carroll’s side and sent Wilson away to Denver, with both Schneider and Carroll proving that they could succeed without him, unlike Wilson.

Notably, Russ will now finally play under the coach he wanted the Seahawks to hire in the first place, so there’s a chance he also gets his revenge next season.

Whatever the case, there’s no point in trying to deny the story now that multiple sources have confirmed it, and that would only make Russ look even worse.

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