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Russell Wilson Had A Bizarre Setup With The Broncos In 2022

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The Denver Broncos were the most disappointing NFL team in 2022.

Most people expected them to be a legit threat out of the AFC West, even if they shared the division with the Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles Chargers, and Kansas City Chiefs.

Instead, they won just five games all season, and so-called Offensive Mastermind Nathaniel Hackett had one of the worst coaching debuts in NFL history.

But more than that, people pointed the finger at Russell Wilson for the team’s shortcomings, and rightfully so.

The former Super Bowl champion had an unlikely terrible season, and it was hard to explain why he looked as bad as he did.

Moreover, there were some bizarre reports about his presence within the Broncos’ facility, with some stating that he had somewhat special treatment.

Now, a report by The Athletic sheds some light into Wilson’s day-to-day routine in Denver, and it was kind of bizarre.

The Broncos gave Russell Wilson an unprecedented set-up.

QB had his own support staff and an office
Office walls were “littered with quotes and new play concepts”
Wilson told teammates he had an “open-door policy,” which a coach found problematic

— The Athletic (@TheAthletic) February 24, 2023

Apparently, Wilson had his own office, and the walls were ‘littered with quotes and new play concepts.’

Wilson also reportedly had an ‘open door policy’ on his offense, which didn’t actually sit well with one of the team’s coaches.

Of course, Russell Wilson has definitely earned his stripes in the league, so it’s not so shocking to see that his job came with a couple of perks.

But as much as some have tried to deny all these reports about his character and unorthodox ways, these stories just keep popping up, so there might be some truth to them.

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