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Ravens Star Reacts To Lamar Jackson Decision

(Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images)


At the March 7 deadline, Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens were unable to ink a long-term contract extension.

As a result, the team placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on him, a placeholder until they get a deal done.

However, because this tag is non-exclusive, another team could submit an offer to Jackson.

This decision caused an uproar among many Ravens fans, including one of their offensive tackles, Ronnie Stanley.

— Ronnie Stanley (@megatronnie) March 7, 2023

As Stanley’s tweet indicates, he is not pleased with this decision.

Jackson has won a league MVP award, and, when he has been the Ravens’ starter, their record is 45-16.

The Ravens put out their best overall product when Jackson is on the field.

His dual-threat nature makes him difficult to defend, and he has proven to be one of the most explosive athletes in the NFL.

Why do the Ravens continue to deny him a long-term contract extension?

Recently, the New York Giants signed Daniel Jones to a four-year contract, which could be worth $160 million.

While Jones had an improved season in 2022, Jackson has sustained his brilliant play since his 2019 MVP campaign.

However, Jackson’s recent injuries could be a cause of concern for the Ravens, a potential reason for this lack of extension.

Whatever their reasoning, it’s clear that Ravens fans aren’t happy with their decision.

While Stanley went public with his frustrations with the organization, other teammates are likely to feel the same.

How will the franchise tag affect Jackson’s relationship with the team?

And, how will the rest of his teammates react, knowing that they all have his back?

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