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NFL Insider Says The Jets Will Pursue 1 QB If They Don’t Get Aaron Rodgers

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The New York Jets had a disappointing end to the season after a somewhat breakout campaign.

They put together an elite set of young talent, and their defense held its own week in and week out to give the offense an opportunity to compete.

But Zach Wilson was even worse than during his rookie year, proving that he’s not an NFL-caliber quarterback  — and he may never be.

The Jets looked much better whenever Wilson was out, either due to injury or poor play, and fans literally booed him off the gridiron during a tough loss.

So, now that the Jets are ready to move on from Wilson, most people predict and urge them to go after Aaron Rodgers, who’s hinted about potentially leaving the Green Bay Packers.

But even if Rodgers pursues a trade, they’ll face some steep competition for his services, with the Las Vegas Raiders also reportedly in play.

That’s why NFL insider Peter King claims that the Jets could set their sights on Lamar Jackson if they miss on Rodgers’ sweepstakes this offseason:

“I think the Jets are gonna have a very tough decision on their hands, and I think they will go after Rodgers if he does play, and if they don’t get him, I think they will at least put their sniffers out and seriously consider Lamer Jackson,” King said on The Rich Eisen Show.

This isn’t the first time that the former MVP has been linked to a move to the Jets, and they sure have more than enough draft capital and cap space to make things work.

Jackson is likely to be franchise-tagged, as he hasn’t been able to reach an agreement with the Baltimore Ravens on a new contract.

So, if he decides to force his way out of Maryland, maybe he’ll end up in the Big Apple.

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