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Former NFL Player Says It’s Time For Eric Bieniemy To Have 1 Job

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The Kansas City Chiefs have been the team to beat in the National Football League for the past five years.

One could argue that there have been multiple factors for that success, such as the Patrick Mahomes-Travis Kelce duo or Andy Reid’s tutelage, but that’s not all.

People think of a high-octane offense when they think of the Chiefs.

They think of explosive plays with big gains, of trick plays completely out of nowhere, and of a team that could outscore every single franchise in the league, and that speaks volumes of Eric Bieniemy’s work.

That’s why former NFL player-turned-analyst Jason McCourty ranted about how it’s time that Bieniemy finally lands a job somewhere else, and he’s right on point.

Eric Bieniemy!!!

It’s time to hear his name preceded by the words “Head Coach” @JasonMcCourty

— Good Morning Football (@gmfb) February 15, 2023

Year after year, Andy Reid has raved about how incredible Bieniemy’s job has been, praising him for orchestrating one of the greatest offenses this beautiful game has ever seen.

Bieniemy is often on every team’s shortlist for HC positions, yet he never seems to get even a second interview.

So, one can only wonder… Is he just terrible at interviews, or is something else holding him back?

Are they just bringing him for interviews to comply with the infamous Rooney Rule?

Whatever the case, there’s no valid argument to convince the world that Eric Bieniemy isn’t HC material, especially considering how many former OCs have landed multiple opportunities to lead a franchise.

This is long overdue for him, and it’s time someone realizes that there aren’t many candidates who are more prepared than him right now.

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