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NFL Insider Explains The Silence Surrounding Lamar Jackson

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One team that made an interesting decision on Tuesday was the Baltimore Ravens.

They decided to give the non-exclusive franchise tag to quarterback Lamar Jackson.

This means that Jackson is still free to negotiate with other teams when free agency begins.

You would think most quarterback-needy teams would line up to land Jackson.

But, it appears that more teams are saying they are not going to pursue him.

That is odd for a 26-year-old star, still in the prime of his career.

According to Benjamin Allbright, teams may be hesitant to reveal their interest in Jackson to avoid any conflict with their current quarterback.

Oh you mean teams aren’t lining up to piss off their current QBs by acknowledging that they would totally send offer sheets to Lamar Jackson, because the Ravens can just match whatever offer they send and leave them trying to soft pedal their failed pursuit to their current QBs

— Benjamin Allbright (@AllbrightNFL) March 8, 2023

Baltimore has the opportunity to match any offer that Jackson signs, so that could be why teams are playing this close to the vest.

Yet, when free agency opens on March 15th, plenty of teams should begin negotiations with Jackson.

He is one of the rare dual-threat quarterbacks in the NFL.

You could even argue that he is the most explosive quarterback in NFL history.

It will be interesting to see how this Jackson saga plays out during free agency.

There has to be some bad blood between Jackson and the Ravens.

The non-exclusive franchise tag must feel like a slap in the face to the former MVP.

It is hard to put any weight into teams saying they are out on Jackson before talking to him.

Keep an eye on the Atlanta Falcons, Las Vegas Raiders, or Houston Texans to make a surprise play for the quarterback.

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