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NFL Fans React To Today’s Tua Tagovailoa News

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The Miami Dolphins had a tough decision to make on their quarterback this offseason.

That was because Tua Tagovailoa’s fifth-year option was looming over the Dolphins franchise.

But, according to Mike Garafolo, Miami has committed to Tua long-term and they have decided to up his fifth-year option.

From NFL Now on the #Dolphins’ picking up Tua Tagovailoa’s fifth-year option, the transaction backs up their public words of confidence he’ll be their QB for a long time.

— Mike Garafolo (@MikeGarafolo) March 10, 2023

Tua will make a little more than $23 million for the 2024 season after his option was picked up.

One of the biggest issues with the quarterback is that he can not consistently stay on the field.

He has been injury prone throughout his career, and concussions were his big problem in 2022.

Tua only played in 13 games, and the four he missed were due to concussion issues.

Some people thought the Dolphins might consider moving Tagovailoa if they could land Lamar Jackson.

But, that no longer seems to be the case.

Did people really think Miami was in the Lamar Jackson market? I thought it was obvious they’re committed to Tua as long as he can play

— Thank you Tom (@colemanjuniorv3) March 10, 2023

The concussion issue is real. I wonder if there are protections around that? He seems very prone to additional concussions despite being an elite athlete.

— Kristopher B. Jones (@krisjonescom) March 10, 2023

Not worth it

— Josh (@DannyClears) March 10, 2023

Tua is their man, but this won’t stop the Dolphins from attempting a move to get Tom Brady as their QB1. — PFF probably

— Rephorik (@Rephorik) March 10, 2023

Why not extend him then?

— Jacob Lintner (@lintnermedia) March 10, 2023

The Dolphins would rather pay their starting quarterback under market value for the next two seasons.

Then, if he can stay healthy during that time, Miami will consider a long-term deal with their quarterback.

But, the Dolphins should consider investing in a quality backup due to the injury history of Tua.

Just need Jameis at backup now

— (@Igbenchoghene) March 10, 2023

Jameis Winston would not be a terrible option as has been a starter for a long-time in the league.

Ultimately, the whole NFL world just wants to see Tagovailoa stay healthy and play a full season.

He showed up glimpses of what he could do last season, but we need to see it for a full 17 games.

Hoping good health for next year. He showed signs of being great and it would suck if he was one of the “what if” stories.

— Cameron (@KingErebus619) March 10, 2023

It would be terrible if injuries derailed Tua’s career before he could show what he can do.

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