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NFL Fans React To Today’s Chicago Bears News

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It’s the dawn of a new era for the Chicago Bears.

After years of shortcomings and poor QB play, it seems like they’ve finally found their guy in Justin Fields.

Fields looked erratic and out of control early in his career, but he took a major leap forward in the second half of last season, showing glimpses of greatness and proving that he could be just what they had been looking for.

That’s why so many fans were worried about the rumors and reports of the Bears allegedly fielding calls for him — no pun intended — and the possibility of them taking Bryce Young with the first overall pick.

Fortunately for them, ESPN’s Adam Schefter recently reported that the Bears are leaning towards keeping Fields and trading the pick instead, a piece of news that prompted countless reactions on social media.

I have zero sources and could’ve told you this two weeks ago.

— josh houtz (@houtz) February 27, 2023

Maximize assets

Trade to 4 from Indy, Colts pick Young at 1

Trade to 9 from Carolina, Panthers pick Levis at 4

Trade to 19 from Tampa, Bucs pick Richardson at 9

The Bears should be able to pick up 2 extra 1st & 3+ 2nd rounders over the next 3 drafts

Load up at WR/TE in ‘23

— Nathaniel (@ndonovan99) February 27, 2023

Best case scenario for them is the Texans trade up to 1 and then the Colts trade up to 2. Pick up a haul of picks and still get Anderson or Carter at 4.

— Marlo Stanfield (@BooRxdley) February 27, 2023

The best thing the bears could possibly do. Fields is the guy. Now surround him with solid pieces with the kings ransom of draft picks they acquire and that cap space and they can make some noise.

— Kieran Tracy (@kieran_tracyy3) February 27, 2023

Of course, analysts would argue that Young’s ceiling is higher than Fields’, but there are also major concerns about his size — or lack thereof.

Moreover, not many teams can brag about having a young, promising quarterback to build around, and history has proven that drafting is far from an exact science.

The Bears were fortunate enough to have the first overall pick fall right into their laps, especially at a time when multiple teams are looking to find their new franchise quarterback.

So, they will now have a budding star to build around and more than enough money and draft capital to surround him with the personnel he needs to thrive in this league.

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