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NFL Fans React To Lamar Jackson’s Reported Contract Demands

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The Baltimore Ravens better be ready to pay up this offseason.

They are set for a massive offseason in which they must decide what to do with quarterback Lamar Jackson.

As a former league MVP (2019) Jackson will be expecting a massive contract extension.

The details of what he is demanding have been released, and they should surprise no one.

Thanks to the Cleveland Browns overpaying Deshaun Watson, many other quarterbacks are going to want a contract similar to his.

Cleveland really bankrupted itself to mess with the rest of the league…

— Bengalorian (@thebengalorian) February 23, 2023

Watson received a five-year, $230 million fully guaranteed contract that was surprising to many.

That deal is the baseline for what Jackson is looking for in his newest extension.

Jackson will be looking for north of $230 million in total money and guarantees.

Some fans think Jackson is worth the money, while others want to see more out of him.

He’s known for his running ability. He’s a little older, a little slower in a year or two, got hurt. No way I’m guaranteeing a running QB a full deal in this league. His throwing accuracy is not great…. Just saying….

— Michael Herman (@MikeRHerman) February 23, 2023

The main reason why the Ravens are hesitant to pay Jackson is because of his rushing ability.

He has played in exactly 12 games the past two seasons, and that is a reason for concern.

Plus, his legs are a large part of his game, and he will need them to continue being an MVP-caliber player.

Jackson has developed into a very good passer though, and he is more than capable of winning games with his arm.

Some fans are going to be devasted if Jackson and the Ravens can not agree to a deal.

If he walks it will be the saddest day in ravens history

— GorillaBeamz (@GorillaBeamz) February 23, 2023

Ultimately, this is the going rate of a franchise quarterback.

The Ravens would be wise to get this deal done now.

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