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NFL Fans React To Bryce Young’s Official Weight And Height

(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)


The NFL combine is officially underway, and that means fans get the best look at all the top draft prospects.

Amongst the numerous pre-draft activities, the combine is the one where everyone watches.

Each team sends its scouts, general managers, and coaches to watch the players work out.

This year, all the talk around the combine seems to be about the quarterbacks.

Other than their play on the field, many people want to see the height and weight of each quarterback.

The top quarterback option in this class is Alabama’s, Bryce Young.

But, some teams have questions about the size of the former Heisman Trophy winner.

On Saturday, Young’s height and weight came in and some fans were surprised.

Official stats after the weigh-in for potential No. 1 #Bama QB Bryce Young:

Height: 5-foot-10 and 1/8 inch.
Weight: 204 pounds.

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) March 4, 2023

Most quarterbacks that come in below six feet have question marks surrounding them.

But, for Young, it was the weight that most people were interested in.

If he could crack 200 pounds, that would be ideal for most NFL teams.

Him weighing 205 is the important part IMO. He will be a star

— dc_catdaddy (@BrianWallenius1) March 4, 2023

There are similar successful NFL quarterbacks that are under six feet.

Such as Kyler Murray, and Russell Wilson.

Kyle Murray is 5’10 and Russ is 5’11

— JGee (@QueenGeezus) March 4, 2023

Surprised he got over 200. Lots of water lol

— T (@westcoastwashed) March 4, 2023

Take out the gallon of water he drank right before and he’s probably 195

— New York Sports (@NY_Sports_Fam) March 4, 2023

Young was one of the top college quarterbacks over the past decade, throwing for 80 touchdowns and 12 interceptions across three seasons.

He will be highly sought after in the upcoming draft and should be a lock top-three pick.

Some teams that are picking at the top of the draft, will be looking to trade up for Young.

The Chicago Bears seem likely to trade the first-overall pick, with the Indianapolis Colts and Carolina Panthers interested.

Please trade up for him Panthers!!!

— Cooper K (@CooperK07) March 4, 2023

Most teams should be happy with the height and weight of Young, it will be interesting to see where he ends up.

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