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NFL Fans React To What Jerry Jones Said About Dak Prescott

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The Dallas Cowboys should be looking to build their roster around quarterback Dak Prescott.

He has proven to be a very good quarterback, but he needs more weapons around him.

Cowboys Owner/General Manager, Jerry Jones, thinks Prescott can continue to get better the older he gets.

He compared his quarterback to Tom Brady and how he improved his game later in his career.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones addresses Dak Prescott and his future, saying he believes he can improve in late stages of career similar to Tom Brady.

— Michael Gehlken (@GehlkenNFL) March 4, 2023

Prescott is entering his eighth NFL season, and he will be 30 years old.

But, quarterbacks can play a lot longer than most other positions, which is why Prescott is still in his prime.

Some fans think Prescott can turn into a great player if he can just stay on the field.

I think Dak is more of a Peyton Manning than Tom Brady.. but yea he just needs to stay healthy.

— William (@illiWillmusic) March 4, 2023

Last season, Prescott missed five games with a fracture in his thumb.

The year before that he suffered a calf injury that cost him a game and hindered him the second half of the year.

But, when he is healthy, Prescott has been a very productive player.

Most fans are not buying what Jones is selling in this statement.

They think he is foolish for comparing Prescott to Brady.

Come on Jerry…your talking about Tom Brady

— ✭ Frank ✭ (@epdatank34) March 4, 2023

Using Tom Brady as a comparison to how Dak can improve?

— Frank Thomas (@frankster440) March 4, 2023

Tim Brady improving in his late career??? Umm he had 3 Championship rings in his first 5 years! Didn’t have to improve any

— Dallas Tharp (@Army_MP_Cowboy) March 4, 2023


— Cody Behrend (@red_behrend) March 4, 2023

— memo (@memo_bruh) March 4, 2023

It will be interesting to see what the Cowboys try to do this offseason.

There is no question they need to add another pass catcher.

Whether through the draft, free agency, or trade, to get the best out of Prescott he needs another weapon.

Some players they might be interested in are Odell Beckham Jr., Brandin Cooks, and DeAndre Hopkins.

If Jones is serious about winning, he will do what is necessary to improve his team.

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