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NFL Analyst Shares A Top QB Demand For The Jets

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The New York Jets have been the subject of many offseason conversations.

After their last place, 7-10 finish in the AFC East, many around the league have pointed to the quarterback position as something of concern for the Jets.

Aaron Rodgers has been one of their rumored trade targets, but one NFL analyst has another suggestion for the team.

“[The Jets] NEED to pursue Derek Carr.”


— Get Up (@GetUpESPN) February 16, 2023

In the eyes of Harry Douglas, Derek Carr is primed to take over as their newest player under center.

Douglas is a ten-year NFL veteran, playing for the Atlanta Falcons and the Tennessee Titans.

Of his examples of why Carr is a better fit than Rodgers, none are more compelling than the age difference between the two.

Carr is just 31 years old and has plenty of prime playing years left.

Although he didn’t end up playing for the Las Vegas Raiders for his entire career, Carr has a chance to find a new home with the Jets.

The Jets have several marquee offensive weapons, including Breece Hall, Garrett Wilson, and Elijah Moore.

Not to mention, their defense is opportunistic and loaded with young players who are looking for a playoff berth.

Even if Carr doesn’t end up taking the job, this is an impressive situation to walk into for any quarterback.

Their weapons are young, talented, and ready to go to the next level.

In his first two years under center, Zach Wilson hasn’t exactly proven that he is the team’s long-term answer, which is why they are considering Rodgers and Carr in the first place.

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