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Mike Greenberg Makes Hilarious Promise If Jets Sign Aaron Rodgers

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The New York Jets are officially in the market for a new starting quarterback.

Zach Wilson’s two-year tenure ‘leading’ the offense has not gone as planned, and the team has proven to be ready and deserving of something much better.

So, the team has been tied with a potential move to Aaron Rodgers for the past couple of weeks, as the four-time MVP is reportedly weighing in on his future.

Needless to say, Rodgers would be a massive upgrade for this up-and-coming team, so Jets fans would gladly do whatever it takes to get it done.

That’s why ESPN’s Mike Greenberg went as far as to say that he’s willing to take a page out of Rodgers’ book and do a darkness retreat himself if the Jets manage to sign him:

“In my effort to try and do everything I can to speak this into existence (…), I made the declaration that if Aaron Rodgers signs with the Jets, I will do the darkness retreat,” Greenberg said on ESPN’s Get Up. “I’m going to Oregon or everywhere else where they may have these darkness retreats, and I’ll do it. I’ll go into the dark for three days or whatever it takes ’cause I’ve been in the darkness for 15 years with this franchise. I’ll do anything I can.”

If Aaron Rodgers signs with the Jets, @Espngreeny said he would do his OWN darkness retreat

— Get Up (@GetUpESPN) March 3, 2023

Well, that just speaks volumes about how tough it’s been for this franchise for the past couple of decades.

Also, technically, he could be in the clear and not do this at all, as technically, the Jets wouldn’t SIGN Rodgers, they would trade for him.

The Jets will most likely have to give up multiple draft picks and some young players to land the former Super Bowl champion, which is why some analysts and fans think they’d be better off signing Derek Carr as a free agent instead.

Whatever the case, desperate times call for desperate measures, and God knows Jets fans have gone through a whole lot lately, so who could blame him for making this promise?

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