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Louis Riddick Makes It Clear How He Feels About Justin Fields

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Since he was drafted by the Chicago Bears in 2021, Justin Fields has been a highly-debated quarterback.

While some around the league have been skeptical of Fields’ abilities moving forward, others have been nothing but complimentary of his talent.

Amidst this controversy, one NFL analyst made his feelings on the Bears and Fields abundantly clear.

.@LRiddickESPN is NOT buying that the Bears should trade Justin Fields and draft Bryce Young:

“Make this make sense to me!”

— Get Up (@GetUpESPN) February 22, 2023

Louis Riddick played in the NFL for nearly ten seasons and spent additional ten-plus years in various organizations at the executive level.

Now, Riddick is one of ESPN’s main football analysts.

In his mind, any talk that Fields should be traded is ridiculous.

The upcoming quarterback class has been said to be one of the best in the last several seasons.

Bryce Young, Will Levis, CJ Stroud, and Anthony Richardson are routinely seen as the top four prospects in the class.

However, as Riddick and many others contend, Fields has been in the Bears’ system for two years now.

There have been several quarterbacks in the past few years that have struggled in their first two seasons.

Josh Allen is now seen as one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks.

In his first two seasons, he struggled with accuracy, and many believed that he wouldn’t be an NFL starter in a few years.

Riddick believes that Fields just needs more time to grow and develop, and with time, he will be able to succeed.

Now that Fields is recovering from his injuries, the Bears will be able to grow with him moving forward.

They also have the most cap space available in the league, meaning that the Bears have the capital to sign free-agent receivers as well.

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