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Former NFL Star Has Been Charged With 2 Felonies From December Brawl

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)


Former New England Patriots star Willie McGinest is in the eye of the storm right now.

The talented linebacker could be looking at some jail time over a brawl in a restaurant last December, according to a report by TMZ Sports.

TMZ Sports has learned ex-NFL star Willie McGinest has been charged with two felonies over his role in a December brawl at an L.A. restaurant.

— TMZ (@TMZ) March 2, 2023

Apparently, the 51-year-old was charged with two felonies, with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office filing the charges earlier this week.

McGinest is now facing one count of assault by means of force likely to cause great bodily injury and one count of assault with a deadly weapon, according to the report.

Notably, each of those charges could lead to up to four years in prison, and the former LB will undergo his arraignment at some point in April.

MciGinest — who excelled in Foxborough and was inducted into the team’s Hall of Fame in 2015 — was arrested after a video of him and some acquaintances beating a man in a restaurant went viral.

The former NFL star was caught on camera hitting the man in the head with a bottle, an incident that also led to his immediate suspension as an analyst for NFL Network.

It didn’t take long before he issued a public apology, but that wasn’t exactly enough to make this situation go away.

A month doesn’t go by without a current or former NFL player getting tangled up in some sort of incident, and it doesn’t seem like that worrisome trend is going to change any time soon.

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