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Derek Carr Reportedly Has An Annual Salary In Mind

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Derek Carr’s release from the Las Vegas Raiders has been one of the most discussed moves of the NFL offseason.

He was the franchise’s quarterback for nine seasons but was reportedly unhappy with the organization.

Now, Carr is on the open market, available to be signed by a willing suitor.

Recently, additional details of a potential contract for Carr have been revealed.

Update: Derek Carr seeks a contract worth $35+ million per year, according to @diannaESPN

“He doesn’t need to be the first quarterback to sign.”

That’s a relatively very fair contract for a veteran.

— Dov Kleiman (@NFL_DovKleiman) February 24, 2023

Carr is reportedly looking for a contract that would pay him in the neighborhood of $35 million per year.

The New Orleans Saints and New York Jets were initially thought to be the most likely destinations for Carr.

However, it appears that three other unnamed teams have thrown their hat in the ring for the Carr sweepstakes.

The upcoming NFL Draft has several quarterback prospects, each of which comes highly regarded.

While Carr hasn’t experienced much success in the postseason, he has one specific attribute over these incoming rookies.


Experience in the NFL is something that many teams are craving, especially if a team is mostly filled with young players.

Bringing in a leader like Carr is appealing to a franchise, if for nothing else than to help build a certain culture within a locker room.

Who will ultimately win the Carr sweepstakes?

Thankfully for Carr, it appears that multiple teams are still interested in him, which could drive his asking price up.

The NFL will look a lot different in 2023, given the amount of quarterback and coaching shake-ups that have already taken place during this offseason cycle.

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