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Cowboys Star Comments On Latest QB Contracts

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NFL contracts have changed significantly over the past several years, with players getting more money than ever before.

The NFL has turned into a quarterback-centric league as well.

If a team doesn’t have a franchise quarterback, they have nothing, at least in the eyes of many.

This phenomenon has caused organizations to pay their quarterbacks an exorbitant amount of money.

Take Daniel Jones, for instance.

Jones was recently signed to a four-year contract by the New York Giants, which could be worth as much as $160 million.

Patrick Mahomes was signed to a ten-year, $450 million contract, the largest in NFL history.

After the Jones news broke, Dallas Cowboys star Micah Parsons jokingly took to Twitter to express that he’d like to switch to quarterback.

Fuc# it I’m switching to Qb!

— Micah Parsons (@MicahhParsons11) March 8, 2023

Parsons has been incredibly impactful on the defensive side of the ball in his first two NFL seasons.

Aside from winning the Defensive Rookie of the Year Award in 2021, Parsons is already a two-time first-team All-Pro as well.

Parsons is still on his rookie deal but is likely to get one of the top defensive contracts in the league when that time comes.

Unfortunately for Parsons, quarterbacks have a tendency to sign the highest-valued contracts.

While he’s not likely to get $20 million per year, Parsons could get a rather large payday.

Being one of the league’s best defenders at the ripe age of 23 can have that effect.

Currently, the highest-paid defensive player in the league is Aaron Donald, who made $31.66 million in 2022.

Will Parsons’ future contract eclipse Donald’s numbers?

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