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Chris Simms Gives His Honest Opinion About Deshaun Watson

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The Cleveland Browns made a somewhat controversial move when they traded for Deshaun Watson.

Watson was in the eye of the storm and faced countless accusations and allegations against him.

And even though he was able to settle those claims, his reputation will never be the same after all the evidence and narratives.

But more than that, the Browns traded for him even knowing that he wouldn’t be able to play right away, meaning he’d be out of the game for more than one season.

Needless to say, a lot can change and happen in one year, let alone two.

So, there were some big concerns about how he would perform after such a long layoff, and it was evident that he was quite rusty when he was able to play.

That wasn’t a surprise to former NFL player Chris Simms, who knows firsthand what it is like to play the position and how different a game is from practice:

“There’s no way he comes back and he can come in there and be like, ‘Hey, it’s like riding a bike, I’m just gonna be the same guy I was before,’” Simms said in an interview with Browns reporter Nathan Zegura. “It’s incredible — there’s nothing you could do to get used to playing in the NFL (…) so I expected some of these bumps in the road.”

Simms claimed that he expected these growing pains from the Clemson product, although he did admit that Watson is a special kind of player with an amazing skill set.

The game is always better when the best players are on the field; that’s just a fact.

Regardless of his reputation, Watson still has all the physical tools and skills to be a box-office kind of player in the National Football League.

But next season could be a make-or-break year for him, and people may start talking a lot if he doesn’t deliver early in the campaign.

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