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Chiefs Fans Showed Up In A Big Way On Wednesday

(Photo by Jay Biggerstaff/Getty Images)


Yesterday, the Kansas City Chiefs put on their Super Bowl celebration parade.

The Super Bowl parade has become a longstanding NFL tradition and is something that fans look forward to when their team wins.

Ahead of this parade, there was an initial projection of how many fans would be in attendance, which the Chiefs Kingdom blew out of the water.

Kansas City officials expected 500,000 people to show up for the Chiefs’ Super Bowl parade on Wednesday.

The final crowd size may be well upwards of 1 million, per @kcur.

— Front Office Sports (@FOS) February 16, 2023

Although there was an initial projection of around 500,000 fans, many city officials are estimating that there were close to 1 million people at this celebration.

Heading into the season, there was some skepticism about the Chiefs.

Questions arose about their abilities to succeed without Tyreek Hill, a new-look offensive line, and a young secondary to boot.

Those questions were quickly quelled on Sunday with the Chiefs’ close victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Patrick Mahomes has quickly become one of the favorites around the league and has reignited the flame of Chiefs fans.

Under Mahomes’ five years as their starter, the Chiefs have appeared in three Super Bowls, taking home two Lombardi trophies.

Thankfully for Chiefs fans, Mahomes is locked down under contract for a long time.

It doesn’t look like he is slowing down, and looks to host many more Super Bowl parades in the years to come.

Sustained success is hard to come by in the NFL, a league that sees a lot of turnover year after year.

Will Mahomes and the Chiefs be able to build a dynasty, similar to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots?

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