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Bruce Arians Names A Surprising QB As The Best He Ever Coached

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For years, Bruce Arians was a marquee name in the National Football League when it came to offensive minds.

Arians found plenty of success with some of the best quarterbacks this game has ever seen, namely Ben Roethlisberger and then Tom Brady.

Needless to say, you get to work with plenty of incredible talents when you’re in the league for as long as Arians was.

But it would be hard to top any of those two guys in the QB department, and not many people could brag about getting to coach them both.

That’s why some people were quite shocked when Arians claimed that neither Big Ben nor Brady were the best quarterbacks he had ever coached.

Instead, he chose Andrew Luck.

Notably, Arians won two Super Bowls as Big Ben’s offensive coordinator and then another one as Brady’s head coach, and he only had Luck for one season.

Still, Arians was in awe of what the rookie first-overall pick was capable of doing at such a ripe age, and he’s still amazed by that to this day.

“I only had him as a rookie, but he was unbelievable,” Arians said.

Luck’s career will most definitely go down as one of the all-time biggest ‘what ifs’ in NFL history.

His talent was off the charts, and his ability to make plays with his feet was ahead of his time.

The Colts failed to protect him, and it cost him his prime and countless injuries, forcing him to walk away from the game way sooner than most of us would’ve wanted.

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