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A Former Saints Coach Is Joining Sean Payton In Denver

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Three weeks ago, the Denver Broncos announced Sean Payton as their newest head coach.

The Broncos searched far and wide for their new coach, determined to find the best fit for the organization.

Payton has been well received thus far, and as a result, has attracted new members to his coaching staff.

Former Saints strength and conditioning coach Dan Dalrymple is joining Sean Payton’s staff in Denver

— Nick Underhill (@nick_underhill) February 20, 2023

Dan Dalrymple has been announced as the newest strength and conditioning coach for the Broncos.

Dalrymple was the strength and conditioning coach for the New Orleans Saints since 2006, and he and Payton have spent a lot of time together.

This announcement comes on the heels of Payton’s announcement about Russell Wilson’s team of trainers.

During Wilson’s first year on the Broncos, many of his teammates cited his team as a distraction, something Payton got rid of almost immediately.

Wilson has been an MVP-caliber player in years past but was unable to find the same success in his first year on the Broncos.

With any luck, Payton’s former experiences should serve him well.

He was one of the key reasons for Drew Brees’ success and has been well-respected across the league, despite the “Bountygate” scandal of 2009.

In his tenure with the Saints, Payton’s career record was 152-89, and he cultivated a rich culture of winning in the organization.

He helped the Saints win their division seven times, something the Broncos haven’t done since 2015.

Payton is a no-frills, no-nonsense type of coach.

If there is anyone that can turn Wilson and the Broncos around, it’s Payton and his team.

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