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A Disturbing Report Has Emerged About An XFL QB

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The XFL might not be anywhere near the National Football League in terms of the level of play, but one thing’s for sure: It’s pure entertainment.

The third edition of this failed league has come with some cool storylines, mostly centering around AJ McCarron’s career revival and Josh Gordon wreaking havoc downfield.

Now, however, all attention is revolving around Quinten Dormady, who was already a bit of an infamous figure in the football scene long before that.

According to NFL insider Dov Kleiman, the Orlando Guardians found out that Dormady had given a rival team some plays from their playbook, leading to his release.

Story: The Guardians of the #XFL cut QB Quinten Dormady after he allegedly gave an opposing team plays from the Guardians playbook

The team heard about it, investigated, and released Dormady.

They also removed his stats from the XFL website.

— Dov Kleiman (@NFL_DovKleiman) March 3, 2023

They even removed all of his stats from the XFL website, which might end up being a bit of a blessing for him.

The Guardians are 0-2 and have only logged 300 passing yards, four touchdowns, and four interceptions.

That’s not exactly impressive, considering they have former NFL bust Paxton Lynch and the aforementioned Dormady as the guys leading the passing game.

Now, if he had even a slim and minuscule chance to get paid for playing football again, that’s all out of the question.

The Guardians will hit the road to face the Arlington Renegades on Sunday, looking to avoid falling to 0-3 for the season.

Hopefully, Dormady hasn’t reached out to anyone from that team just yet, as we all know he could use the extra money and will be looking at another side hustle now that he’s got all that free time.

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