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1 Bears Player Is Annoyed With Justin Fields Trade Rumors

(Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)


The Chicago Bears are seeing someone from their locker room push back against the Justin Fields trade rumors.

While the young quarterback is entering his third season with the team, NFL insiders are feeling the Bears want to trade him.

However, safety Jaquan Brisker is pushing back against the trade rumors.

To him, Fields is “different,” and he doesn’t understand why everyone else is “playing with that man.”

One more thing, Jfields different, I don’t know why y’all keep playing with that man fr!

— Quanny B. (@JaquanBrisker) February 16, 2023

While 2022 was his first season with Fields, he was 100% behind his teammate with his Twitter post.

His defense of the Bears’ starting quarterback shows fans how special the young safety is in Chicago.

While NFL insiders follow the latest rumors, he’s publicly defending his teammate.

He feels Fields is a special player, and fans saw a glimpse of this last season.

While he didn’t have ground breaking passing statistics, he was a threat to run with the ball

His 1,143 rushing yards and eight rushing touchdowns had him leading the ground game in Chicago.

However, people outside of Chicago feel the team needs a more traditional quarterback.

Some fans have a feeling that Fields is like Lamar Jackson, a running back playing the quarterback position.

Rumors will continue until the Bears starting quarterback can prove he’s more than a runner.

But no matter what trade rumors come out, Brisker will defend his teammate.

With him having a bond with his teammate, he will continue to defend his teammate, who he thinks highly of in Chicago.

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