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The NFL Has Reportedly Issued A Warning To Teams At The Combine

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Starting today, NFL teams can start interviewing prospects for the upcoming NFL Draft.

Those players who decide to partake in the NFL Scouting Combine are free to talk to teams, but not about all topics.

That’s why the league issued a memo informing teams of “improper and/or offensive questions” in the past, stating that any team found to conduct itself in an unlawful or inappropriate manner during this process could face fines of a minimum of $350,000 and forfeit of a draft pick no later than the third round.

New at @CBSSports: Prospect interviews begin today at the NFL scouting combine. Teams face significant penalties if they ask illegal questions. A look at the increased punishment scale and what teams can and cannot ask

— Jonathan Jones (@jjones9) February 27, 2023

The league also made it a point of emphasis to remind teams that the current CBA — not to mention federal and state laws — are quite clear on discrimination based on national origin, disabilities, race, religion, and sexual orientation, among others, urging the team to keep things professional and leave the players’ personal lives private.

The NFL also shared a list of acceptable questions to prevent teams from getting into deep waters and avoid any unnecessary risks.

The NFL Scouting Combine has come a long way since the early days, going through several modifications.

The league has been at the eye of the storm, and federal prosecutors continue to keep tabs on their every operation amid multiple reports of inappropriate workplace cultures.

Also, some believe several of these changes come from last December’s league meeting when the NFL executive VP of football operations Troy Vincent cited ‘slave auctions’ when talking about the combine.

So, all things considered, and regardless of what prompted these changes, it’s nice to see that the league is taking action.

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