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Stephen A. Smith Has A Blunt Message For Russell Wilson

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It’s been a couple of months since Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos last played, yet he continues to catch strays.

The former Super Bowl champion had a season to forget at Mile High, while Geno Smith thrived at Lumen Field as his replacement.

Now, a report surfaced of Wilson trying to get John Schneider and Pete Carroll fired before being traded, once again fueling the hot takes about Russ.

That’s why ESPN pundit Stephen A. Smith didn’t mince his words when talking about Wilson’s performances, stating that no one would’ve cared about this narrative if he hadn’t played so poorly last season.

“If you didn’t suck, none of this would be an issue. You stunk. Period; let’s call it what it is,” Smith said.

.@stephenasmith went IN on Russell Wilson

“Russell Wilson this past season stunk so much they smelt him from the Mile High City to South Beach to damn L.A. That’s how bad he was.”

— First Take (@FirstTake) February 24, 2023

Truth be told, Wilson was the most disappointing player in the league, even despite the fact that his head coach was also an all-time terrible hire.

He made avoidable mistakes, failed to hit wide-open guys, and never even looked at his second or third option once he settled for his first read.

To put in context how bad Wilson and the offense were, the Broncos would’ve easily made the playoffs if they had scored at least 20 points per game.

So, as harsh as Stephen A.’s words might have been, he was right on the money.

No one would’ve cared about Wilson trying to get Carroll and Schneider fired if he had played well.

But Smith’s surge and the Broncos’ shortcomings made him look quite bad, there’s no question about it.

He’ll now get an elite coach to bounce back, but the pressure is officially on, especially after that massive contract extension and this controversial story.

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