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Peter Schrager Shows Photo Of Him Eating Dinner With NFL Coach

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)


Peter Schrager has established himself as a prominent member of NFL media.

A personality on Good Morning Football on the NFL Network, Schrager is well-respected within the industry.

So much so, in fact, that he has gained the respect and rapport of many coaches around the league.

Eating shrimp cocktail with Big Red at the combine! The man is living the dream and I wanna know how I can live a similar life

— BMoreBeats (@BMoreBeats_) February 28, 2023

Ahead of the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, Schrager was seen eating dinner with Andy Reid, head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Reid is one of the most well-known coaches in the NFL.

Between his cheeseburger-loving tendencies to his State Farm commercials with Patrick Mahomes, Reid has made a name for himself across the league.

The Chiefs are coming off a Super Bowl victory, and many have seen them as one of the best teams in football.

However, every team still needs to grow year-over-year, which is why Reid and their scouting team are at the combine.

What kind of intel Schrager gathered from Reid certainly remains to be seen.

The combine is a place for camaraderie, interviews of potential players, and of course, scouting potential players that can impact a team’s roster.

For Schrager, the combine allows him to be better at his job as well.

Reporting NFL news can certainly be slow at times, especially now, after the season is over.

Schrager and his NFL colleagues can use an event like the combine to fuel their conversations for much of the NFL offseason.

The draft is rapidly approaching, and decisions made in those three days can impact a franchise for a long time.

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