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Packers Makes History With Latest Hire

(Photo by Larry Radloff/Icon Sportswire)


The Green Bay Packers failed to make history on the gridiron this season, but they did set a precedent off the field.

They just hired Erin Roberge — who’s served as an inter since 2020 — as a full-time athletic trainer, the first woman to land such a position within the organization.

Here’s to women breaking barriers Erin Roberge, who’s been working as an intern for the team since the summer of 2020, is now the first female full-time athletic trainer in franchise history. Thank you, Erin, for paving the way for more #womeninsports.

— The Female Quotient (@femalequotient) January 23, 2023

Born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, Erin Roberge actually grew up rooting for the state rivals.

She enrolled at the University of Wisconsin to study animal science.

Then, while looking for hourly work, she got into a medical records job that seemed close enough to what she was majoring in, paving the way for a slight change of plans.

Roberge excelled at her job and landed a gig with the Wisconsin Badgers football team, helping with hydration at practices and some games.

There, she entered the athletic training world.

She was always a diehard football fan and even did three of four rotations with the Wisconsin Badgers and the rowing team.

One of her colleague trainers was an intern at Lambeau Field and landed a full-time position with the Packers, so he encouraged her to try her luck and follow his steps with the organization as well.

Now, Roberge has become the 22nd full-time female athletic trainer in the National Football League, breaking barriers in the Packers organization.

Notably, she earned the job after three seasons working as an intern, being the first person in the facility and the last to go, and earning the players’ trust with her charisma and great work.

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