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NFL Teams Are Reportedly Impressed With Sean Payton’s Staff

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When Sean Payton was announced as the new coach of the Denver Broncos, it felt like a weight had been lifted.

Broncos fans had hope for the 2023 season, and NFL media began respecting the organization again.

Payton has already made several changes to the Broncos staff, which has been met with high praise, as seen in the video below.

Sean Payton talked a lot about his new coaching staff here at the Combine this morning. I’ve already had a few coaches from other teams tell me how much they like his staff. The youth on it is an interesting aspect to take a look at.

— James Palmer (@JamesPalmerTV) February 28, 2023

During the NFL Combine festivities, Payton has discussed his new coaching staff at length.

Many coaches around the NFL have lauded his coaching decisions, which is impressive considering that this staff hasn’t coached a game together yet.

One of Payton’s first initiatives was to ensure a sense of community within the locker room.

Many had indicated that Russell Wilson’s antics were a reason for the Broncos’ downfall in 2022.

Wilson had his team of athletic trainers, which was a point of contention between him and the rest of his teammates.

This made them feel inadequate, and ultimately, not like he was a part of the team.

Payton made a rule that no outside training staff could be brought in, which was again met with high praise from many members of the NFL media.

With any luck, Payton’s leadership, along with his new coaching staff, will be able to turn the Broncos around.

They lost their identity last season, and have been begging to find it.

Wilson has looked like an MVP candidate in years past, although he didn’t quite show that in 2022.

We will soon see what the new-look Broncos will be like in 2022, given their vast amount of coaching changes.

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