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NFL Insider Says Aaron Rodgers Trade Is ‘Hinging’ On 1 Player

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The Green Bay Packers reportedly want Aaron Rodgers to leave.

The New York Jets desperately crave Aaron Rodgers to join them.

Aaron Rodgers has hinted at wanting to be a New York Jet.

So, why on Earth hasn’t he been traded to New York? One may ask.

And crazy as it may seem, NFL insiders believe there’s just one domino that needs to fall for that to happen.

Apparently, the Jets-Packers trade is hinging on New York also trading for Randall Cobb, who seems to be Rodgers’ all-time favorite teammate.

he who controls Randall Cobb controls Aaron Rodgers

— Warren Sharp (@SharpFootball) March 14, 2023

Rodgers had already asked the Packers to trade for Cobb if they wanted him back with the team, so this doesn’t come as a surprise at all.

The New York Jets are also working on a deal to sign Packers’ free agent Allen Lazard, so it seems like no.12 is trying to get his boys to the Big Apple.

Notably, this isn’t exactly bad news for the Jets.

Lazard is a proven and capable wideout who won’t take that many touches from Garrett Wilson, and Cobb is a veteran that might come serviceable as a backup.

However, this will set a major precedent.

Landing both of Rodgers’ friends would send a strong message to the locker room, and it would also give him plenty of leverage going forward.

Rodgers has proven to be impossible to please, so they might be getting into dangerous territory by just caving in and giving him everything he wants even before he actually agrees to be traded there.

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