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NFL free agency news, who has gotten the best deals and who are not doing so well

After a thrilling Superbowl with a stellar halftime show performed by Rihanna, the league is now facing the start of the free agency season and the deals that will be made by and between teams this year.

One team that we all know about because of their performance this year are the Philadelphia Eagles and you know what? They are winners in this free agency season. The Eagles retained their biggest free agent by getting James Bradberry to stay in Philadelphia. 

Although Philadelphia also had some free agency losses they are still well positioned for the new season. 

A team that is not winning this year are the Jets, they seem to be getting Aaron Rodgers as a quarterback and they are desperate to have a good one like him but he has specific demands of players he wants with him and that is coming at a cost.

Another winning team is the New York Giants as they got back Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley, but they need good catchers who can help them improve their offensive game. 

The Giants still need to work on their offensive picks, but they are off to a good start this season. 

Dallas Cowboys part ways with Ezekiel Elliott

Elliott was arguably the worst started running back in the league last season, finishing last in the NFL in yards per carry (3.8), tackles avoided (32), and percentage of runs that went for 10-plus yards (7.4%)

This is the end of an era for the Dallas Cowboys who will benefit from releasing him by obtaining a $10.9 million in cap relief to get a new player. 

The player who will benefit for this is Tony Pollard and we will see how this move from the Cowboys will play out

Panthers and WR Adam Thalen have not come into an agreement yet, but possibilities are on the horizon.

While a contract has not been signed by the Panthers and Mr. Thalen, we shall still see what will come from this potential signup for the Panthers. Both parties have expressed mutual interest so we may see a deal happen between the two. 

Thalen, who is a veteran in the league, comes from playing for the Vikings with a lucrative deal that once was worth up to $73 million when he signed a four-year extension. 

But the Vikings decided to part ways with Thalen who is now on the brink of signing a new deal with the Panthers.




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