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NFL Fans React To What Tom Brady Said Today

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What is the NFL going to be like without Tom Brady?

Most younger fans, do not know a league without Brady.

He has been a staple in the NFL for the last 23 years, and he is one of the most popular players ever.

Some fans were even holding out hope that Brady would return for his 24th season.

But, that seems unlikely to happen.

Reports started to swirl at the NFL combine that Brady might be interested in a return to football.

But, the legendary quarterback shut down those rumors with his recent Twitter post.

Anyone who thinks I have time to come back to the NFL has never adopted a 2 month old kitten for their daughter.

— Tom Brady (@TomBrady) March 7, 2023

Even though Brady seems content with his life outside of football, some fans are still not buying it.

cats are actually pretty easy to take care of sooo

— Zachary Piona (@Zachpiona) March 7, 2023

If the reports of a new kitten are true, some fans would be open to raising it for Brady.

They would do anything to get the GOAT back on the football field.

Come to the 49ers I will raise your kitten, Tom

— Sourdeath Sam (@SourdeathSam) March 7, 2023

San Francisco would be an interesting place for Brady because that was his favorite team as a kid.

Brady grew up in San Mateo, California, and he would probably love to play at least one season for his hometown team.

Or maybe this whole idea of Brady getting a cat was just a hint that he wants to play for a team with a cat mascot.

So are you going to the Jaguars, Bengals, Panthers, or Lions?

— Mark Nakata (@mrnonel) March 7, 2023

Ultimately, fans will be speculating about a return for Brady until he is in the Hall of Fame.

That means each of the next five offseason we could hear something similar to Brady returning to play.

But, if he is not going to do it this year, it seems very unlikely to ever happen.

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