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NFL Fans React To What Dan Campbell Said At The Combine

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Dan Campbell has only been the head coach of the Detroit Lions for two seasons, but he has the attention of many NFL fans.

In his introductory press conference, Campbell talked about biting kneecaps and having a unique coaching mentality.

Now, Campbell has been making headlines for comments that he made at the combine.

Although many teams typically scout players based on their combine performances, Campbell has a different approach.

“You grade them off the tape, you don’t grade off somebody out here in pajamas,” he said, as shared below.

Lions coach Dan Campbell says he likes the NFL Combine for meeting players face-to-face, not grading their on-field drills

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) March 2, 2023

During the combine, players take part in various drills, such as the 40-yard dash, and the three-cone drill.

These metrics can say a lot about a player’s abilities, and can often be a predictor for NFL success.

After Campbell’s comments, he was met with strong reactions from people on both sides of this argument.

This reinforces Saban’s comment on the importance of playing in bowl games vs. saving it for the combine.

— Dave Gillrie (@DGillrie) March 2, 2023

One fan’s response was a good reminder of Nick Saban’s philosophy.

In the eyes of Saban, it’s better to leave it all out on the field, rather than perform for certain metrics at the combine.

Saban has been one of the most successful collegiate coaches in NCAA history, and hundreds of his alumni have made an impact on the NFL.

Many fans have expressed their support of Campbell’s and Saban’s respective philosophies, but a few others have thrown a flag on his comments.

Well that’s “mostly” true; there’s a reason NFL personnel sit in the stands with timeclocks……

— DLR (@daletwittin) March 1, 2023

As this fan points out, “There’s a reason NFL personnel sit in the stands with timeclocks.”

40-yard dash times can certainly be a predictor of player success in the NFL, which is why these metrics are monitored in the first place.

How will Campbell and his staff address this draft, with their unique strategy in mind?

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